Surviving as a small business during COVID-19

April 17, 2020 Leave your thoughts

It’s quite an ordeal for us all as we all face uncertainty during these unprecedented times. Many businesses large and small have had to close down, some have lost a significant amount of work and others have had to make enormous cutbacks on their staff.

Despite the dark cloud that lies above us (metaphorically speaking as we’ve had pretty decent weather during April), there is a light at the end of the tunnel for most businesses, so we mustn’t dwell over the current situation and put ourselves down.

On the bright side, we all have a rare opportunity to take advantage of the current situation and reach audiences you might have never reached before, especially if your business is not at a high risk of closing down.

In this article, we’re providing you with some essential information and tips on how you could make your business thrive during the pandemic.

1. Develop your businesses to cater to your clientele online

If your business, like many others has been put on hold because you’ve solely offered a face-to-face experience and cannot see your customers anymore, you could be missing an opportunity to generate leads and/or revenue online. Utilise your website and social media presence to promote yourself and your business. Some idea of how what you can offer:

  • Home delivery services by restaurants
  • Spas can offer gift vouchers to be used once the pandemic is over
  • Independent stores can sell their products online
  • Therapists can offer online consultations

These and many more ways your business can continue to cater to your existing and new customers.

2. Re-evaluate your marketing plan

Many businesses have now put a pause on their marketing campaigns, so if you can, this would be the perfect opportunity to promote your business online as much as possible. Flyers, posters & networking events were a good way to promote your business before, but with all our doors currently closed, is this perhaps the perfect time to explore the digital marketing world? Which brings me to my next point.

3. Go Digital

We are all sat at home, and whilst many of us are looking around the house of DIY projects, there are those who are simply content with lying on the sofa scrolling through social media. That’s where you come in. With many big businesses currently investing their marketing budgets in different areas of their business, the stage is set for your brand to have the spotlight in the digital marketing world.

Paid Social Media advertising is one of the best tools to use to your advantage (granted your website is user friendly and meets all the criteria for an easy two-set advert to purchase conversion campaign). With paid social media, you will not only reach your existing clientele, but target key audiences who will generate online sales, leads and brand awareness.

Search Engine Optimisation is another great tool to use to your advantage, where you can grow your brand organically, all ready to overtake your competition when the time comes.

There is no miracle cure that will take us out of this situation (except the vaccine we’re all waiting for), but digital marketing is currently your best bet to reach your audience, increase your sales and help your business grow stronger through this pandemic.

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