PPC (Pay Per Click)
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Advertise your services or products directly on Google for the exact keywords you want to be found for. It doesn't get much more targeted than PPC and the results are tracked for every click.

Let's cut to the chase

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    Google Ads

    Put simply, these are the search results featured on the top and bottom of Google. It's the first thing users see and mostly the first thing they click on.

    Google Shopping

    We can feature your products within Google Shopping. These results show at the top of Google search results and lets users see your product image, price and can click through to purchase.

    Accurate Reporting

    We provide monthly reports that show you exactly where your money is going, how many visitors you got and how many conversions you got (and much, much more)

    A simple way to get more visitors and see your return on investment.

    The question of "How much money did I make and how much did I spend?" is an easy answer with PPC.

    PPC isn't a new marketing method but the competition is higher than ever. It takes careful analysis, creative thinking and plenty of research to get your cost per click as low as possible and click through rate as high as possible.

    Even if someone is handling your PPC, we'd be happy to take a look over your account and see where you can improve. 9 times out of 10, there is always room for improvement. We're always at the end of the phone, we send simple monthly reports and can come visit you to talk you through our results.

    Sales increase for our client
    Revenue increase for our client
    User increase for our client

    PPC starting at £600 per month

    We're clear, transparent and honest. We'll suggest what services you need based on you and your company.

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      I need help with:

      Eagle Agency deliver on their promises
      Sweet & Glory

      We stumbled across Eagle Agency after over four years of being repeatedly let down by numerous developers.

      Since moving over to Eagle Agency we have managed to separate our markets based on Eagle Agency’s recommendations which was proving impossible to achieve which other developers.

      Everyone at Eagle Agency are down to earth, easy to work with and most importantly deliver on their promises. Eagle Agency have become a huge asset to us. I would recommend the team at Eagle Agency to anyone.

      A breath of fresh air to do business with

      Working with Eagle Agency has been one of the easiest things I have done. They have been one of only a few agencies I have worked with, who have actually taken the time to listen to what we wanted and fully understand our brief.

      What I liked the most is that they didn’t come in and try to change what we were looking for to fit their own agenda but they were able to guide us around best practices and leave the decisions to us.

      Overall it was a breath of fresh air to do business with Eagle Agency and we are loving the final result. I would not hesitate in recommending the team to another company.