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Using social media is essential in building the online presence of your business. Target a relevant audience and achieve a loyal following on the most popular social platforms.

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    Organic Social Media Marketing

    We specialise in creating content for any and all your social media platforms , including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn. We can manage your business's social media profile(s) to meet different marketing objectives, while maintaining your brands tone-of-voice.

    Paid Social
    Media Marketing

    Take your social media to the next level with paid advertising; one of the most cost-effectives methods to achieve engagement, traffic, conversions and sales. Our team has years of experience in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn advertising. We provide a cost effective and highly targeted social media advertising service, ensuring every penny spent meets your primary objectives.

    Targeted Social Media Marketing

    Our experience in paid social media allows us to target your client (wherever he/she may be). Depending on your business objectives, we pride ourselves in being able to advertise directly to your target market.

    Targeting customers like we've never been able to before

    Advertising to your target audience with laser-like accuracy.

    Millions of people around the world are using social media on a daily basis to find businesses and organisations just like yours. Social media marketing allows you to reach that essential target audience & grow your business by increasing your brand engagement, traffic, conversions & more. We help our clients meet their main objectives on social media through organic and paid management.

    Increase in traffic month on month for our client
    Return on investment (ROI) for our client
    increase in social engagement for our client

    Social Media Marketing starting at £60 per month

    We're clear, transparent and honest. We'll suggest what services you need based on you and your company.

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      Eagle Agency deliver on their promises
      Sweet & Glory

      We stumbled across Eagle Agency after over four years of being repeatedly let down by numerous developers.

      Since moving over to Eagle Agency we have managed to separate our markets based on Eagle Agency’s recommendations which was proving impossible to achieve which other developers.

      Everyone at Eagle Agency are down to earth, easy to work with and most importantly deliver on their promises. Eagle Agency have become a huge asset to us. I would recommend the team at Eagle Agency to anyone.

      A breath of fresh air to do business with

      Working with Eagle Agency has been one of the easiest things I have done. They have been one of only a few agencies I have worked with, who have actually taken the time to listen to what we wanted and fully understand our brief.

      What I liked the most is that they didn’t come in and try to change what we were looking for to fit their own agenda but they were able to guide us around best practices and leave the decisions to us.

      Overall it was a breath of fresh air to do business with Eagle Agency and we are loving the final result. I would not hesitate in recommending the team to another company.